Connecting business to Country and Culture.


Everything begins and 
ends with Country

Indigital’s  Connecting to Country program facilitates a respectful and collaborative relationship between the company, project stakeholders, and Indigenous communities that extends to the broader community. We work with a range of organisations to help them build Country and Culture into the foundations of any major project.  

The industries we work with include: 

  • Critical technology infrastructure including data centres, space ports and energy infrastructure
  • Critical technology development including metaverse bridging technology advancement and satellite IoT projects 
  • Mining operations including critical minerals

We also work with First Nations communities to understand their long term goals and work with them to facilitate opportunities for economic and social opportunity. 

Our proven method

Indigital has a successful track record of building sustainable relationships between First Nations Communities and our corporate clients. This success is directly linked to our network of First Nations Communities and our enduring relationships with Elders and Knowledge Holders. 

Indigital's methodology uses an integrated approach that includes Indigenous cultural IP protocols, land stewardship, community engagement and on-Country digital skills development. Our 8-step process can be tailored for the unique elements of any project. 

As part of engaging with Indigital's Connecting to Country service offering, you'll also be sponsoring a cluster of schools – which plays a critical role in our profit-for-purpose business model. Indigital Schools works to revitalise Aboriginal cultural heritage while developing sustainable career pathways for students on Country.


Who we work with 

How we work

Reciprocity is foundational to our collaborative approach partnerships and business. At each and every step we emphasise commitment to collaboration and partnership with stakeholders, including government entities, project developers, companies, and Indigenous communities. 

Indigital effectively bridges the gap between the technical requirements of projects and the cultural sensitivities and aspirations of Indigenous communities. We have built a framework that allows our clients to walk with our team and our communities on the journey, building a shared understanding and connection. 


Why Indigital?

You come to Indigital if you want to:

Build stronger relationships with First Nations communities and practice what it takes to allow projects to be First-Nations led. 

Infuse Indigenous wisdom, language, traditional and community support into your critical technology infrastructure development or project

Support Elders, teachers and students to learn cutting-edge technology skills providing them with a pathway into future careers

Connecting Microsoft with the Dharug Community for their Kemps Creek Data Centre

As with any Indigital project, the long-term needs of the local Dharug Community was central in Connecting the Microsoft Data Centre to Cabrogal Country. This Indigenous-first approach has been central to our track record of delivering successful engagement projects – projects that have led to sustainable ongoing relationships between First Nations Communities and our corporate clients.

The Indigital ecosystem

We have a vision to create a culturally diverse and inclusive digital future for all. We do this by building cultural connection and digital capability in critical technologies. 
Our Connecting to Country and Indigital Schools program provides a holistic solution for our clients, ensuring a reciprocal ecosystem which benefits all:  
  • Businesses benefit from First Nations collaboration on critical projects.
  • Indigenous Communities benefit from the revitalisation of their cultural heritage. 
  • Local schools students benefit from a digital skills curriculum that will expand their career pathways.