Warami gamarada

We see you, friend

The soul of our 
Nguran / our place

As First Nations people our life, identity and belonging are innately connected to the soul of our Nguran, our place. Our lore practices, rituals and Dalang (language) are Nura (country) and nura is us.

With the dawn of the metaverse, First Nations peoples have an unprecedented opportunity to express our cultures, traditions and values in new and exciting ways. From creating immersive virtual experiences to crafting digital art – this is a chance for Indigenous creativity to thrive.

Elders, Knowledge Holders and all members of our Community are invited on this journey.

Indigenous Cultural and 
Intellectual Property (ICIP)

Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property (ICIP) is a foundational principal of our work. ICIP refers to the collective rights of Indigenous peoples to their cultural heritage including artistic works, literature, music, dance, performance, languages and traditional knowledge. These cultural expressions are not just mere artefacts or products of creative activity but are inextricably linked to the cultural identity, spirituality and sovereignty of Indigenous communities. 

At Indigital, ICIP principals are taught to any organisation we partner with. We empower Elders to recognise that they are experts in their field and need to be remunerated at the market rate for their professional time and skill.

Three artists, three cultures, one incredible First Nations artwork

Indigital invited 3 First Nations artists — Lala Gutchen from Erub Island, Kobi Sainty from Naarm, and Tawhanga Rika from Rotorua — to merge their creative styles in a ‘wrap’ for Microsoft Surface devices. 

The design invites the next generation of Māori, Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal youth to celebrate their history as the original scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.   It also provides a unique reminder that the devices we use every day are built upon tens of thousands of years of unbroken Indigenous knowledge.